We provide ABA family services for families who have a child on the autism spectrum or other developmental disabilities including problem behavior.

Comprehensive plans are developed collaboratively to support skill acquisition in the following domains:

  • Language/communication 
  • Cognitive development 
  • Adaptive behavior 
  • Life skills 
  • Social/emotional development 
  • Play skills 
  • Fine and gross motor development 
  • Community skills

Committed to enhancing ones quality of life by facilitating positive behavior changes through collaboration, support and education. 

Home Based Consultation Services

  • Intake Process - getting to know each other and your family needs.
  • Baseline Assessment - determining your child's current abilities across all domains.
  • Functional Behavior Assessmentsdetermining why problem behaviors are occurring if applicable. 
  • Develop Behavior Intervention Plans - developing interventions to decrease problem behavior.
  • Program Development - develop programs to increase skills across all domains.
  • Program Training - Parents and interventionists are trained on how to implement/teach programs to ensure consistency and child success. 
  • Monthly Supervision - Ongoing support, observations, training, program advancement and feedback.
  • Video Review - Video tape program implementation and then review program implementation together to further build our skills as a team.
  • Remote services are also available

School Consultation Services

  • School/Classroom Observations - assess skill development or problem behaviors in the school environment. 
  • Team Collaboration - work together to ensure consistency across environments, problem solve problem behaviors and advancement across all domains. 
  • IEP Review and Support - review the IEP, answer any questions and problem solve any concerns. 
  • Attend IEP and BIP meetings - Work together as a team to develop IEP's and BIP's. 
  • Parent and Child Advocacy - Help you understand your and your child's legal rights.
  • Plan and Support Transitions - Transitions can be difficult (home to preschool, preschool to elementary school, between grades etc.). Develop a plan to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. 

Community Consultation Services

  • Transition Learning to the Community - Once programs are mastered we want them to generalize to other environments. This takes planing and training. 
  • Community Planning - Outline where generalization needs to occur.
  • Develop Community Programs - Develop programs that support generalization of skills to other environments.
  • Program Training - Parents and interventionists are trained on how to implement/teach community programs to ensure consistency and child success.  

Applied Behavior Analysis Family Services